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The Annuity
Not JUST a retirement vehicle!


What is an Annuity?

It is a contract with a major insurance company which grows your money in a tax deferred method.

The interest rate by which it grows can be fixed, like a bank CD, or it can be indexed to something like the S & P 500 or one of many other indexes.

Can I lose money in an Annuity?

NO! The only way your money can be lost is for the major insurance company to go bankrupt and even under that very unlikely situation, there is still some protection.  Insurance companies, unlike banks, almost never go out of business.  The ones we represent have been around for years and years and are financially sound.

One of the major features is the annuity under Texas law (as well as some other state's law) is the annuity is a protected asset.  Mutual funds, stocks, CDs, and bank accounts ARE NOT protected under law.  Ask us to explain this important financial planning benefit to you!

Your Annuity balance can increase or move sideways but cannot go down like mutual funds, stocks, and other type of accumulation vehicles. 

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