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We help you and your money.  Be it retirement, personal and business financial matters, being an acting CFO or meeting your insurance needs. 

We have been doing this for 64 years. 

Founded by Henry Morgan Sr, our company is now led by Henry Morgan Jr. who holds multiple professional licenses.  He is also a Certified Insurance Counselor. 

Personally, he is a father of four children and grandfather of four granddaughters.  His wife was promoted to heaven in 2009.

When not working, Henry reads, swims, rides his bike, sings in his church choir, and helps folks when he can.

Being in insurance, he reads many medical records and consequently keeps up with all the medical issues occurring worldwide.  Read his blog on this website for some of his observations.

We can help you in a consultant capacity or in a product fulfillment capacity.  You tell us.  We are here to help!

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 For 66 Years - We Are Helping People